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Default Co-sleeping can lead to infant deaths, experts say

Nearly 3,500 babies die suddenly and unexpectedly each year. While many deaths have been prevented by having babies sleep on their backs, health experts are sounding a different alarm. This warning doesn't focus on how they sleep, but where they sleep.

Sophia Danneman lived for two months. "She was a very happy baby. I would take pictures of her smiling. She brought so much joy to this family," said her mother, Sarah Danneman. Sophia was having problems sleeping in her bassinet at her family's home in Birmingham. She wouldn't stop crying, so her parents decided to let her sleep with them. Sadly, Sophia died after suffocating on a sofa next to her father. "It was co-sleeping that did it. And for that, I lost my daughter," Danneman said.

This is something most young parents I know are doing now. It's trendy but is it safe?
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