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Originally Posted by dfresh View Post
I have heard that in some evil countries, the police officers don't even usually carry weapons. Those places must be lawless hellzones, with huge parts of the country no-go areas for all non-gang members.
I lived in a very safe and not particularly evil Central European country where the regular police were unarmed. But so were the citizens. The Serbian mafia weren’t, however, and that was a problem when they began to move in.

So when we called the police to report that someone was brandishing a weapon, they did not arrive for 30 minutes. We were told that their protocol in such situations was to deliberately wait until things played out and cooled off before they showed up, because only special units were equipped to deal with armed encounters. It wasn’t a no go, but there was a solid delay while we were left to fend for ourselves (we hid, and no one was hurt).

America is different. When you have an armed population, and any situation can involve an invisible gun, the police would be at a pretty considerable disadvantage if they were weren’t carrying.
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