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Originally Posted by ASL View Post
We just need something better than people to make up our police forces is all. Well, that or something much less, something that no one will bat an eye over if it gets shot. Either way, some sort of inhuman machine would do nicely.
The problem is that many people seem to think it's absolutely fine for cops to just kill people, even completely innocent people, if the cop was "afraid." Such people are disposable to those who try to shut down discussion so the wonderful cop who "risks his/her life every day" won't be scrutinized. So I focus on risk, yes, and who should take it, because that's where the discussion has gone so many times.

Obviously this is not a zero sum game where the only option is that someone gets shot. But I am saying, and I realize some may take offense at the idea, that I would rather the cop get shot than someone who had no choice about taking any such risks get shot for these flimsy reasons.
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