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I think I've mentioned this before: I've read multiple accounts over the years of cases in which a person actually had a gun out, but the police managed to defuse the situation and perform an arrest without anybody getting shot.

I don't know what all the factors are that go into this happening in some cases, while in other cases unarmed civilians are shot because they moved a hand in what the police thought was the wrong direction. But I would hope that police departments would study them with the intention of training people to as much as possible get the result that winds up with everybody alive.

-- I don't know that it actually makes the police safer for them to get a reputation for shooting unarmed people as soon as they arrive on the scene. It seems to me that this is a) going to make many people reluctant to give any information at all to the police, with the result that they're far less likely to find out about those who might actually be dangerous to them and b) make a few people more likely to start shooting at the police as soon as they're confronted, instead of waiting to see what the police are actually going to do.

There are a lot of reasons somebody might not instantly put their hands in the air and keep them there. They might be physically unable to move their arms that way, or physically unable to keep them there for very long. They might be deaf and not have heard the command. They might not speak English, and therefore not have understood the command. They might be of limited understanding, and not comprehend the situation. They might be losing their balance, and trying to keep from falling.
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