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Originally Posted by Koshka View Post
In the news reports I've seen, the Wichita PD is still saying the man kept moving his hands to his waistband despite multiple "keep them in the air" demands. OTOH, the man's family, who were inside the house at the time, say they didn't hear a single one of those demands -- just the gunshot.
Thing is, if your hands are in the air, and assuming you're standing upright, then pretty much any movement is "towards the waistband". So we can't tell from that whether he simply wasn't holding his hands completely rigidly in the air. *

Also, it seems to have happened pretty quickly while they were all still at the front door, and before anybody had been into the flat to see what was going on (the original statement from a police spokesperson said he was shot "as he came to the front door") so how many times could this "keep them in the air" demand actually have been repeated to make it "multiple"? How quickly were the police talking? How many were shouting at once?

To me, the statement above seems to me to be trying to make it all sound much clearer and more deliberate than it appears from the other circumstances to have been.

* (eta) It also just occurred to me that, if your hands were initially down by your sides and you're told to put them in the air, then you have to move them "towards your waistband" in order to get them there! That really doesn't seem a very good criterion to use to identify threats, as Blatherskite said.
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