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Originally Posted by Avril View Post
Add this to the drunk man gunned down in a hotel for no apparent reason other than "he reached for his pants" while he pled for his life, and the deaf people being gunned down because they can't hear the orders, and I'm not going to apologize for asking the police, who aren't drafted and chose these jobs, and who, if they are a SWAT team, are wearing body armor, to take some flipping risk on themselves and not transfer all risk to us.
We just need something better than people to make up our police forces is all. Well, that or something much less, something that no one will bat an eye over if it gets shot. Either way, some sort of inhuman machine would do nicely.*

One of these days, I hope to be able to tell you how we went about reducing the risk for our EOD teams in Iraq/Afghanistan. It's nothing too sensational, just a little cold.

*ETA: Okay, I'll apologize for the portion of that that was snark: some procedural changes may reduce risk to suspect without increasing risk to police s well.
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