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Originally Posted by Alarm View Post
Is it you have to buy $100 worth of it at the special price to get the price, or you only get the price if you buy other stuff worth $100?

Because $100 worth of $0.19/LB meat is a looooooooooootttt of meat.
With a $100 purchase would indicate that your entire grocery bill is at least $100, which is not an uncommonly large total amount to spend on grocery shopping for a household.

The "limit one item" bit is hard to parse for something that you can buy a variable amount of and pay by the pound. If it's already parceled out into discrete packages maybe it would make sense, but if it's just normal meat that you'd ask for as much as you want from the meat section, I'm not sure where you draw the line at one item of X pounds of meat (limit one cow?)

20 cents for a pound of meat is way below the normal market price even for a deep discount. However, if you're buying $100 worth of stuff, and there is some interpretation of "limit one item" that makes sense in the intended context, then they could afford a promotion to give you some limited amount of meat basically for free, in the same way that they could afford to give away a free thing in a buy two get one free type discount.
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