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If you're worried that an increase in scrutiny of sexual assault and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace might cause you to be 'unfairly' reprimanded or even lose your job, then maybe your concern is based on a suspicion of wrongdoing on your own part. Maybe you are part of the problem. The fact that you do it does not mean it isn't assault. You may not be the 'villain' of your own story but that does not mean you can do no wrong. Oh, but you hug and kiss and comment on the appearances of random female coworkers all the time! Well.... have you tried not doing that? It's pretty easy if you try! And if your 'banter' towards your female coworkers is different than the banter towards the men, then maybe, just maybe, it isn't 'just' banter' after all. The difference makes it banter-plus-something-sexual and it's the something-sexual that women object to rather than the 'just banter'. Women know what banter is. We are neither stupid nor naive.

The question posed by the OP is all wrong. The question, when you get right down to it, is 'Should people sometimes just put up with sexual assault?'. The short answer is 'no'. The longer answer is 'are you NBSKing kidding me?!'
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