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I think it's important to note that sexual harassment and assault- particularly of women- is not just about people in power taking advantage.

In our culture, a woman complaining about any harassment isn't really accepted except under very specific circumstances (stranger, violent attack, "actual" harm/penetration/etc, and even then it doesn't mean anything will actually happen in response to such an act).

So even women in positions of technically more power often are harassed and assaulted. Women are taught to not be a "bitch", that it's good to be "one of the boys", to just go along with things. Women are awarded with more acceptance when they respond with banter or humor when someone crosses the line- even if they really aren't ok with the situation that occurred.

Being blunt, straight forward, honest....those things are often punished.

In my experience, I've become less concerned with how I'm perceived and much more forward and blunt, but I also am very safe in my career, I have a supportive husband, my colleagues are supportive and caring and would have my back at work, and I'm not out and about at night and in public like I used to be when I was young.

But I *still* guard my responses with people I don't know or in places I'm not sure of- particularly when alone. And unwelcome advances still happen even though I'm older and fluffier than I used to be. Now it's more of a monthly occurrence rather than daily.
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