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“Relationships” being the operative word here. The OP article is talking about a man who was commenting on women’s bodies and kissing people on the mouth without their consent, something he doesn’t even deny. A kiss on the lips with someone you’re not in a relationship with? What the NFBSK? Why is anyone (in the OP article) defending that?

This article is presenting a false dichotomy, IMO. Either we are allowed to discuss sex and behave sexually in the office with everyone, or we’re not allowed to date at all. That’s absurd. As others have pointed out, there is plenty of room for consensual behavior somewhere in the middle.

ETA- I somehow doubt the guys in the OP are being fired only for the behavior the public knows about. Is Amazon really axing a guy for one incident 10 years ago? Or was he on probation and repeated a behavior they’re aware of but can’t legally discuss? I don’t think we know the whole story.

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