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Originally Posted by erwins View Post
If people who are doing these things, and crucially, the people who help them, the people who could speak up but don't, and the victims themselves, are told that it matters whether the behavior meets some arbitrary standard of being that bad, then it becomes a line drawing exercise where a lot of terrible--and very severe--behavior will go on, and go unreported.
Agreed. In fact I think a huge part of the problem is what is deemed “not that big of deal” in various environments. At colleges it has been “not that big of deal” to have sex with someone who is falling down drunk. Apparently in Hollywood it has been “not that big of deal” for producers to corner actresses in hotel rooms. And even here, it was “not that big of deal” to some posters that Spacey invited a 14 to his home and assaulted him.

It is a big deal. It’s always a big deal if you’ve crossed the boundary of consent.
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