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Originally Posted by E. Q. Taft View Post
I'm also aware that part of the problem is simply that people are different. A remark that one woman finds humorous, or a mock-flirtation that she finds fun and flattering, another woman might find to be inexcusably inappropriate and uncomfortable. I try, these days, to err heavily on the side of caution -- to the point where I think I might even go too far in that direction, resulting in less friendly relations with some co-workers than otherwise might exist. (Then again, I just generally am not sociable at work, so it may not matter.)
I highly recommend not flirting at work. In general, if you wouldn't behave that way with a male colleague, don't treat a female colleague different. Even if you and the colleague enjoy it, chances are the people around you are rolling their eyes and not enjoying the show.

If you are interested in a colleague - ask them out and do your flirting outside of work (if they accept).

However, please don't be a Mike Pence :P and assume that all working women are evil corrupters.
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