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I think there is a disturbing narrative that says talking about all of these things together is somehow equating them, and treating "minor" transgressions as far more than they should be, tarring with the same brush, and all the other arguments for treating the worst actors as sui generis.

Of course these things should be talked about together. They are related. No one is equating them. And it is utterly ridiculous to treat Weinstein as sui generis, and pretend that what he did has nothing to do with a single unwanted flirtation from a coworker. The ubiquity of inappropriate sexualization of women is a huge part of why and how Weinstein was able to do this not just with impunity, but virtually without it even being publicly remarked on.

Why the NFBSK would it not all be discussed together?

Why would we not talk about both Nazi concentration camps and US internment camps as illustrating racism, and how it can play out in scapegoating and the othering of racial and ethnic minorities? They are related. Talking about them together does not mean they are being equated.
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