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I have a theory after watching the video clip in the other thread - it involves string.

I think fine thread pulls the glass, and its strands of thread that the cats are responding to. Notice that the cats look in different directions at one point - if there is a ghostly child affecting the behaviour of these apparently clairvoyant cats, why aren't they both looking at it? And why aren't they looking in that direction when the glass is moved? One cat only looks towards the glass after it moves. They might be psychically inclined, but they're obviously not very impressed by this apparition.

I think the room is rigged up for some reason. Perhaps extra tricks were intended for the glass or perhaps the intention was to mess with the moggies all along. I think when the cats look in different directions, they're looking at movement at either end of a piece of string that runs parallel to the coffee table. One cat jumps over a thread at one point.

Mind you, I'm far from an expert. It could be just a simple (and boring) case of video editing. I am also curious about the cut in the video.
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