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Originally Posted by dfresh View Post
SO, you have great respect from me for being willing to do so, even though you have real reasons to NOT do so in your career.
Well, that's the thing, I can't claim to be really stepping out onto a ledge here: my career is already over. My resignation is already in. I've already "jumped" so to speak.

The difference between now and five years ago is that now I have no career to worry about. It's over. No matter what happens, in May of 2018, I will no longer be a naval officer. I will never be promoted again and that was the case before I sought treatment, hence referring to it as "option D" rather than "the only option." I can certainly understand your wife's current position, not wanting to see a psychologist for fear of the consequences, because that was my position for at least five years.

With a broken leg, treatment really is the only option. Mental health? We have plenty of terrible leaders who aren't mentally ill as it is. Many of them will be promoted to their next paygrade. So What's the big whoop about someone who feels detached from others, is having a hard time empathizing with them, gets explosively angry every now and then, and maybe is having a hard time concentrating on relatively simple job tasks? It may not quite be par for the course, but it's still a qualifying score...

Really, this is very much a matter of "if I don't get help now, I never will." Because options only get (much) more limited once out of the Navy. Which is the harsh reality of mental (and physical) health issues in America.
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