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Originally Posted by Avril View Post
This old canard needs to die.
Sorry about that. I guess my original quote should be "People who loudly rail against the sex lives of others, will invariably turn out to have some incredibly scary skeletons in their closet." When it comes to career-ending scandals on the Christian Right, they are almost always involve sex. The Christian Right is willing to forgive a lot, but not if sex is involved.

Though maybe it can be more accurately and concisely worded as, "Those who scream the loudest about sin, usually have the most to hide."

Oh and ASL, I have no problem with calling out CD when he's actually said something stupid, calling him out in a thread when he hasn't said anything, feels just a little bit petty. I agree with what you've said about how he and others of his ilk apparently believe that the only proper pose for the Left to adopt is ineffectual moral purity, but still, let's wait for some actual blood in the water before we attack.
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