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Originally Posted by NBC
Colbert angered some viewers for his monologue in which he made numerous jokes about Trump. Among them, he made reference to Russian President Vladimir Putin and Trump engaging in oral sex. Colbert's mouth was blurred and his voice bleeped during part of the joke.

Some on social media found it to be homophobic, and called for him to be fired or for advertisers to boycott the CBS show.
This seems like the sort of complaint coughdrops would level. "It's not that I support Trump, it's just that our side's conduct has to be so ineffectually pure as to avoid any possible hint of scandal. Gosh golly gee wiz guys, we've got to get our liberal act together if we want to bring Trump supporters and the KKK around to our side!"

No offense coughdrops (if you're still reading the forum, that is).
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