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Remember that picture that circulated some years ago that was supposed to be Barack and Michelle Obama saluting with their left hands, but was really obviously just flipped in Photoshop? Snopes pointed out a few things that made it obvious that it was flipped, like their wedding rings being on the wrong hands. Then someone Photoshopped it to "fix" the things that were wrong with it and recirculated it, except that person literally only fixed the few things snopes mentioned in his article and none of the other things that were also wrong but snopes didn't bother mentioning. So then snopes debunked it again by updating the article to point some of those other things.

Well that's what the new travel ban reminds me of. Granted I haven't actually read the full text, but it seems like all they really did was remove the things that people complained the most vocally about in the first ban. Then when the new version got blocked as well they were just shocked that there were other things wrong with it as well.
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