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Originally Posted by firefighter_raven View Post
It's actually getting to be a moot point in regards to smoke detectors. 10 yr smoke alarms are becoming a national requirement for new sales. The battery is non-removable and when the smoke alarm is just replaced after 10 yrs or whenever stops working.
And then it just sounds a continuous tone if you try to replace the battery, I think. We had this happen on one that was pretty new- maybe a few months old. It just started to sound a tone and we could not get it to stop. Wrapped it in a towel, in a blanket, put it in a cooler in the basement, still could hear the whine.... we even had it in the freezer for a while just to muffle the sound. My dad ended up taking a hammer to it.

This happened a while ago though, I think there was something else we were supposed to do but didn't do My dad's not much one for reading the instructions on things.
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