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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
Or what he predicted hasn't happened yet. He does say "when wireless is perfectly applied", it isn't perfectly applied yet.
It can be argued though that it will never be applied. Certain physical restrictions exist on radios, particularly in the transmit mode, that no amount of engineering can get around. Which is why there are cell phone towers every ten miles or so (in flat areas, a couple miles apart in obstructed areas like inner cities).

Plus, Tesla didn't imagine fiber optic cable, a technology that has much more to do with the rapid expansion of both wired and wireless communication than just the wireless part. In other words, something that is in many ways better than wireless was developed (fiber optic) making the prediction of wireless communication different than what it was in Tesla's time. Effective and efficient wireless communication really rests on a technology (fiber optic) that Tesla didn't imagine.
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