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Originally Posted by thorny locust View Post
I'd say that it's predicting "parking" problems that's the really hard part: how did ready access to automobiles affect dating behavior? women's freedom? Was there really a difference from access to carriages? did more people have access to cars (which need no care when not in use, and for which fuel was at the beginning cheap) than to horses?
I just read a book called How We Got To Now. The main premises are that inventions have dramatic effects on life and society not necessarily directly related to the invention (such as some of the things you mention) and how one major invention leads to another in a seemingly unrelated field (the printing press revealed the need for reading glasses, etc.)

The writing is a bit immature at times when the author seemed to feel a need to spell out his point repeatedly, but is an interesting read a fun overall.

At the end he talks about "Time Travelers" such as a woman who worked in the 1860's on a primitive computer who seems to predict modern computers.

P.S. I searched for a link and found out that it was also made into a six-part PBS series, one for each chapter.
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