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Originally Posted by RichardM View Post
But he didn't predict that almost no one would wear a vest today.
Who was it who said that predicting the automobile was relatively simple; it was predicting parking problems that was the hard part?

I'd say that it's predicting "parking" problems that's the really hard part: how did ready access to automobiles affect dating behavior? women's freedom? Was there really a difference from access to carriages? did more people have access to cars (which need no care when not in use, and for which fuel was at the beginning cheap) than to horses?

There's been quite a lot of stuff written in science fiction and in speculative science articles that imagines all sorts of technological innovations -- some of them likelier than others, and some of which have so far happened and some of which haven't -- but which assumes a human society exactly like the one the author live(s/d) in. I find the other kind more interesting to read.
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