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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
Based on many of the ideas of the time, it would be unusual to predict that such a device would be so small as to fit in a vest pocket.
I humbly disagree. Wireless receivers that could fit in a vest pocket were already available in the twenties. They had a limited range but one called a "vest pocket radio" was shown in Popular Science in 1923 with a long range. It was too big to fit in a vest pocket but the name suggests that's where people thought the tech was going and two-way communication was thought to be the next step.

I would say the opposite is true. Many people expected very small two-way radios sooner rather than later but it would be twenty years before the wrist-mounted two-way radio that inspired the Dick Tracy device. The cell phone had some radio problems (worked out in the late 1960's in Japan), that prevented the technology from coming out until the 1970's but the idea was already there. Those problems were not really even known before WWII and I think Tesla wasn't the only one who was a bit too optimistic.
Predictions of a global network were common, but most seemed to be based on dumb terminals with a physical connection to a single massive computer.
Sorry but here too I disagree. I don't know of any predictions made in the 1920's of a worldwide network linking devices to computers. If that's what he meant, that would be something. But it seems like he might have meant a kind of extension of international cable networks (already existing for a half century - thus requiring no prediction) and radio networks (already around for decades).

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