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Originally Posted by ASL View Post
I didn't realize big hair was associated with Dallas...
That was definitely a stereotype at one point, and not without some factual basis. However, I think it may be an outdated one. Styles change. Then again, considering that the article was 13 years old, I don't know how valid it was 13 years ago.

Hooray for Big Hair! (Texas Monthly, 1992)
The Myth About Big Dallas Hair (D Magazine, 2012)

Where is the big hair?

I grew up in Dallas in the ’80s, when a girl didn’t become a woman without destroying a chunk of the ozone. Mall bangs, we called it. (Also, The Claw.) As a child, I was in thrall to the razzle dazzle of Morgan Fairchild and the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. Later, I defined myself against it. But whether you loved that platinum flash or felt warped by it, no one could deny this was Big Hair Country.

These days, I see none of that glorious poof.
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