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In my 21 years as an electrician, I have installed many smoke detectors. Most of the units that I am familiar with recommend specific brands and models of replacement batteries (usually Duracell, Eveready, and/or any long-life lithium battery). From my understanding, the recommended batteries are the ones that have been proven in lab and field tests to be the most reliable batteries for the specific model of smoke detector. The use of a non-recommended battery (especially in battery powered units) may cause premature failure of the unit. This is primarily due to many batteries (bargain brands) having an inadequate power rating for the smoke detector in either not being able to provide enough power for the unit to operate (slow discharge rate) or by having a short battery life. I have never heard of a battery exploding while in a smoke detector. However, using non-recommended batteries may cause a smoke detector to malfunction and almost certainly will invalidate the warranty.
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