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Yeah but there is a big difference between being diagnosis properly and self diagnosis. If you remove something from your diet and you feel better well you should continue that. But unfortunalty some people hear about someone being senistive to something and decided it is bad for all people.

I went of a picnic once with a group I met online (someone in the group lead me here to snopes so happy day ) We all took something to share and one of the group said about their dish "It is gluten free so it is good for us" Well not really, unless you have a problem with gluten. I was talking about this to some workmates and one said "Well of course it could still be high in fat in sugar and fat" arh not my point. I explained about gluten not being nessarily bad for you and they look at me blankly.

I diagnosised myself as lactose intolarent but I haven't entirely removed dairy from my diet. I just limit it. And use yougurt on ceral instead of milk. But I don't think everyone should remove dairy from their diet, unless they have similar problems.

My Dad is allergic to chilli seeds, but it is just his allergy, Mum and I still like it and I use in my cooking (when not cooking for Dad)
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