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Originally Posted by 24k Kate View Post
A delivery window from7:30 to 11:30 is almost certain to mean they will show up at 11:29...not 7:31.
My current job is running the office and booking in the appointments for a plumber. An appointment for 7-10 usually means he'll turn up by 8 or earlier but a booking later in the day (12-4 or 1-5) often means he'll turn up at 5 or 6. I actually pinpoint all the appointment addresses on Google maps and calculate the travel distance between each and book each appointment window accordingly but things inevitably fall apart towards the end of the day as some repairs take twice as long as expected and emergency calls come in and have to be sandwiched between other jobs.

Oh and "Your tech got sick and had to go home" means we overbooked and the technician didn't have time to get around to you but we don't want you to get angry and call in some other plumber. The tech is never sick.
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