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Again somewhat OT. I have come across a number of cases of alleged police brutality on various left wing websites. None of the cases I have come across have had female police officers involved. I did a quick Google search. Again, not very much.

But, I am going to assume that it does happen. Although, I would have thought that such a case would make big news, and have all the pundits arguing about whether women should be in positions of authority etc etc.

I am well aware that women in positions of authority can behave just as badly as men, and go on a "power trip" if you will. There was the case of that female soldier who took part in the mistreatment of prisoners at Abu Graib. And I have heard of cases of female prison guards have relations with male prisoners, some of them underage.

Edited to say that I didn't look hard enough. There is a case where a woman was alleged to have been involved

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