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Originally Posted by E. Q. Taft View Post
I felt this way when I saw the "Empire News" story claiming that Charles Manson had been granted parole. It didn't take long to determine it wasn't true, but there's nothing funny or even particularly unbelievable in the story (other than the basic premise - I strongly doubt Manson will ever be given parole). If there's a point to the story other than a sort of prankish "let's see how many people will share it!" mentality, I don't see it.
I imagine that given Manson's reputation, the safest place for him is prison. If he were to be released, there would be people wanting the "kudos" to take him out.

I can remember when there was talk about freeing Myra Hindley. I thought that prison was be far the safest place for her. Some of the families of her victims had stated publically that they would kill her if she were ever released. And there was also a lot of people who hated her enough to want to try to kill her.

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