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Originally Posted by Lainie View Post
I drew a pretty strict line about my cell phone when I was a contractor. I freely gave it to my boss, teammates and HR, because it's my only phone, and they might need to contact me off hours. But because I wasn't given a desk phone, some other co-workers wanted my cell phone number. My position was that if the company wanted me to be available by phone, they should give me a desk phone. I was consistently available by email and IM, and that just had to be good enough.

Now I have a desk phone. People rarely call it.
I have a similar situation. My boss regularly sends out emails during the school day, and I do not have access to a school laptop (with the email program on it) to get these emails. I do have a smartphone, and could download the program so I could access these emails during the day, but it's my phone and my data plan that I pay for, so no.

I have the school email program on my desktop at home and check it in the morning just before I leave for work, and my boss has my cell phone number and can therefore text me at any time.