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Frankly if you are not being paid what a physician gets paid you shouldn't be expected to put in the hours they are putting in. I've been in situations similar to that before - most recently I came into a situation where I was replacing a manager who took pride in not taking lunch or breaks and shamed her employees when they did so. It took me a long time to get my staff to accept that the world would not come to an horrific end if they took the breaks they were entitled to and on a regular basis.
This is what I have to keep telling myself with the engineers I work with when I come in in the morning to find someone sent me something at 8pm or 1am or on a Saturday. I do work late when I want to get caught up or get ahead on something, and no one would ever expect me to actually respond to something sent at 4:30 Sunday afternoon, but I still get that antsy feeling when work accumulates while I'm not there. I think part of that comes from back in my retail days when I had to work insane (unpaid) hours or the store wouldn't function. My current job involves deadlines, but I just have to accept that what our project managers and senior engineers have to do to ensure we're on time and what I have to do is at a different level (and our salaries reflect that). I can get caught up in the morning, and I'll happily work late if I can't, but I'm still learning to tell myself that I don't have to feel guilty for not pulling some of the same hours as the others.