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Years ago as a teacher I used to stay every night until 7:30 getting things done...I don't take things home with the exception of things like report cards.
Then, I got sick - not really sick per se but small things one after the other - bronchitis, a sinus infection, the flu, a perforated eardrum, bronchitis again... for about 3 months. After that I was just exhausted and it was a struggle just to get through the day and then I left each day.
Much to my surprise not too much changed. Sure, the kids didn't get to do as many really fun and stimulating activities, but other than that the world kept spinning on its axis.
Things changed for me after that. I still stay late but if there is a night that I stay until 7:30 it is with a specific objective in mind. Sometimes I will lose track of time and discover that it is 6 all of a sudden, though. Since school ends at 3:15 it's startling how often that happens. The clock seems to go from 4 to 4:30 to 5 to 6 or 6:30. That last jump seems really fast.