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Back when I lived downtown, I used to walk home for lunch and take my full hour. Now that I can't do that, I usually eat a packed lunch at my desk and either goof off a bit or pick away at work. Since then, I've noticed a lot more phone calls and urgent emails coming in, and people dropping by during that time. I know it's probably just my imagination, but it makes me feel guilty and irritated, like I'm being caught doing something wrong. I guess that even though I'm taking less lunch time overall, I feel a slacker. Sometimes I do work straight through, but sometimes I just want to eat and chill for a bit.

FWP because I love having a flexible workplace, but sometimes I kind of wish there was a clock to punch to say 'I'm off now'.

We don't really have a lunch area, and I don't want to buy my food, so I'm kind of stuck in my office. Maybe I'll go for a walk now that it's nice, just so I can have sometime away from the desk.