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Originally Posted by Roadie View Post
I don't really care about using my cellphone camera/timer/clock/whatever if it makes my work life easier, in some way. It's the thought that it's expected or required without being provided that bothers me.
Sing it, sister. Although my employer's policy is the opposite: you aren't allowed to use personal devices for work. If you need them for work, you have to use the ones work provides. On the other hand, you can (to a certain, limited extent) use work devices for personal stuff.

I don't know that this is a first world problem, but Roadie's post made me think of it--I really hate, and will decline where possible, meetings scheduled during lunch. Usually (but not always) they are for the volunteer work I do at work. However, IMO, since this is volunteer work intended to benefit my employer (such as being a Volunteer Disaster Responder), I don't see why I should give up my personal time to participate. If my employer wants me there, they should be willing to pay for my presence.