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Giving my landline number to my employer is no different than giving my address, to me. But giving my cell phone gives the expectation that I am reachable anytime, anywhere, at their whim. Which I am not. And if I am required to use my own vehicle, which I'm not, I would expect reimbursement. Our mechanics bring their own tools - and get a tool allowance for that. I don't bring my own computer, or adding machine, or lightbulbs, or chair. And clothing? At my work, we have a pretty relaxed dress code. If a specific "uniform" is required, it is provided or a uniform allowance is provided. Hell, right now, I'm off to work in a company provided (not required) t-shirt.

I don't really care about using my cellphone camera/timer/clock/whatever if it makes my work life easier, in some way. It's the thought that it's expected or required without being provided that bothers me.