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Originally Posted by Cervus View Post
and would make employment situations less awkward (for example, my most recent boss kept expecting me to be able to take pictures of things and send them to her or update company's Facebook page using my phone, and I couldn't, so those tasks went to someone else).
This kind of thing grinds my gears. If an employer expects this, then the employer should provide the phone/camera/whatever. I refuse to use my personal technology for the benefit of my employer. We just had an emergency drill last week, and part of the preparation was updating contact lists for everyone. The person in charge of that came in and wanted my cell phone number. I politely refused. My home phone is sufficient; if you can't contact me through that then I'm not available. If you think you need to contact me for an emergency, then provide me with an agency cell phone. Part of my reasoning is because my boss is constantly texting people who call in sick or take a vacation day to ask them questions, and when I'm off work - for whatever reason - I'm off work. The other part of that is I'm a public employee and I don't want my phone having to be searched for a public records act request.