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I feel like I'm the only person in the US under the age of 40 who's never owned (or even used) a smartphone or laptop or any type of portable computing device thingie. I'm not fond of gadgets and I rarely even use the prepaid phone I have now. I turn it on maybe once every couple of weeks to check if I have any calls. (I don't have any type of social life whatsoever, so any call I get is usually a wrong number.) I feel like I should get a smartphone; it would probably be convenient and would make employment situations less awkward (for example, my most recent boss kept expecting me to be able to take pictures of things and send them to her or update company's Facebook page using my phone, and I couldn't, so those tasks went to someone else). The longer I go without using any type of gadgets, the more embarrassed I become. I don't know anything about smartphones. I don't know how wi-fi works. I've never used a laptop. I wouldn't know how to turn on a tablet or what to do with it. I've always just used a desktop PC with a landline and that works just fine for me. If I need tech support, I ask my mom, who's 67 and knows far more about technology than I ever will.

So I guess my FWP is that while I personally don't have any need or desire for gadgets, I feel like I should maybe get a smartphone just so I'm not completely shut out of future employment or social situations. I can see how a smartphone might come in handy, especially when I'm travelling (all hotels have free wifi, but none seem to have computers in the lobby for guest use anymore). But then I get mad because I don't want to spend money on things I don't need just because society expects me to. And then I get embarrassed because I don't know how modern technology works and I'm also kinda jealous of people who seemingly have hundreds of dollars to drop on these devices that are basically just magic to me.