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Originally Posted by GenYus234 View Post
There might be some advantage in letting the enemy know you've seen through their disguise in that they'd abandon that fake airfield and set up another one somewhere else, tying up some transportation resources.
I disagree. If you know the enemy is trying to deceive you, you let them keep doing it (that is trying but failing to deceive you). Kind of like when you break a code, not only do you not tell the other side you've broken it, you even consider allowing yourself to suffer some "disadvantages" (perhaps even loss of life) to ensure that they don't realize something is up.

And if you find out the other side has broken YOUR codes, you don't just abruptly switch and cease all traffic on the old code if there is a chance you can use it to plant misinformation. The answer to deception is more deception, not less.
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