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Also, a meteorite that hit a plane would either damage it so that it had to land immediately (at which point the pilots would be radioing like mad) or cause it to break up instantly. The latter would leave a huge swath of debris and the former would mean we'd already know.

ETA: It might be that the meteorite would have taken out all the radios, but the electronics bay in an 777 is below the flight deck. A meteorite that was big enough to take out all the radios would probably destroy the rest of the electronics and kill or cripple the pilots, resulting in a sudden loss of control which would probably result in a crash at high speed that would cause the aircraft to disintegrate, also leaving a massive swath of debris.

ETA2: I wonder if it hit a swamp. IMS, ValuJet Flight 592 crashed into swampy ground at high speed and most of it disappeared completely aside from scorch marks.

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