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Sure. Breeding is always for good reason. Like a bulldog: bred to fight bulls. Literally rip their noses off. That's terrific. Tell us more about all those "darned good reasons" in history. How many of them are needed today? Mousers, sled pullers, fighters and hunters... How ethical was it to use the species in that way to begin with? If there weren't a history of thousands of years, doing it today would be illegal. "You want to breed a special breed of jackal so that it can hunt lions? What kind of a psychotic nut are you?"

I don't really care. I'm just as emotional as most humans when it comes to breeds. I have known some very special purebred dogs and when I see one of their breed it makes me happy. I'm OK with breeding. But when breedists get on their high purebred horses I just go "wth?"
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