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I'm very close to someone who lives with one. (I'm his homunculus. Or he's mine. I get those mixed up...) Plus I know many. The reasons they chose their dogs - and I mean every last one I have ever met - had nothing at all to do with the specific mix and everything to do with the kind of pet they wanted (or the specific animal they found). When people ask the breeds they have to stop and think for a minute. For most of us, the doodle name is nothing but a silly name. That's just my own experience.

I'm sure there are people who do buy for fashion but I've met uncountable purebred owners who did and have no reason in this world to have that breathtakingly beautiful shepherd. They're far far more likely to become irresponsible breeders. Many of them think they have an investment, not a dog. I could go on but people who promote the ownership of purebreds over mixed breeds because mixed ones are the "latest fashion" need to step back and see how ridiculous and hypocritical that claim looks to a rational person.
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