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Originally Posted by Ryda Wong, EBfCo. View Post
Or, even better "We wanted a dog with the coat of a poodle but the brains of a lab." I don't even know WHERE to begin with that one.
I saw someone posted on FB today a picture of what looked like a tiny husky - the caption said it was a husky/pomeranian cross that would look like a husky but stay the size of a pomeranian. I don't know who these geneticist geniuses are who can take individual genes from the parents and control which one contributes the hair color, which controls the size, etc., but if these fictional people existed, I have no doubt they could have the world rid of genetic diseases in one generation. Because if the resources are there to do that just to create a cute puppy, surely we can do it to eliminate genes that cause cancer, right? Sometimes I want to smack people in the head.

It reminds me of that old joke where the Nobel prize winner was asked to donate sperm to create a child with a supermodel. "The child will have your brains and her good looks," he was told. "Perhaps," he replied, "but what if the child gets my looks and her IQ?"
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