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Originally Posted by ganzfeld View Post
Wow, no prejudice there. Cites please?
Actually, I will amend that a bit. They buy them because they are ignorant and choose to accept the lies the doodle breeders tell. Honestly, speak to a few Doodle owners and ask them why they chose to purchase the dog. In pretty much every case, you will hear them bleat out the falsities like "Oh, we needed a hypoallergenic dog" although many doodles aren't hypoallergenic or "Oh, they are just so cute and fluffy!" even though their appearances vary widely and can't be predicted when they are puppies. Or, even better "We wanted a dog with the coat of a poodle but the brains of a lab." I don't even know WHERE to begin with that one.

They haven't actually done the research. They've listened to the

In any case, if it's true for mixes then I'd bet every last penny it's true for breeds as well. (Not the 'latest' but the 'fashionable' thing.)
Of course it is. That's beside the point.
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