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Default God is not Dead (film)

Remember the various iterations of the Atheist Professor UL?

Now they have gone and made an entire movie based upon it: God is not Dead

The plot (as described in my local paper):

“God is not Dead” centers around college freshman Josh Wheaton, whose deeply-rooted Christian faith is questioned by Professor Radisson on the first day of school.

Radisson wants to make sure all his students start off his philosophy class on the same page on the first day of school. He tells his students that they need to denounce that God exists or they will fail the class. And then he asks his students to write three simple words on a piece of paper: God is Dead.
Kevin Sorbo is in it. That is disappointing, I always liked that guy. He never seemed to take himself (or the characters he played) too seriously.

The UL is untrue, and perpetuates a harmful stereotype and cultural division - so someone goes out and makes it into a movie. It seems to have all number of currently popular Christian celebrities, even a Duck Dynasty person.

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