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Originally Posted by Steve View Post
Yep, everything was different 11 years ago. It's over the last decade that dogs started licking reporters. Especially in urban places.

Not to hijack the thread, but anyone also notice over the past decade that journalists have picked up on things that always happened and pretended they were some new trend?
Yes... if anything, in the UK dogs were a lot less controlled when I was a child. Apart from the idea of picking up their mess and carrying it around with you in a plastic bag, which was unheard of at the time (we just let our dog go in the long grass, or flicked it into the bushes with a stick - and we counted as among the considerate people for doing that), other people's dogs nearly always came and said hello and wagged their tails happily and so on. Dogs now rarely do that, and their owners usually shout at them and apologize if they even start sniffing about within a few feet of you. I find it a bit sad, really.
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