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On the flip side, there's also always people who are convinced that your dog wants to be petted by them. That doesn't go well with my blind dog.

Or the people who have children who shriek "DOGGY!!!" and then throw a tantrum when you politely explain to them that they can't pet the doggy, because the doggy doesn't like children and might bite and then the parents go "oh come on s/he loves dogs s/he'll be fine". NFBSK. Ash BITES small children! Keep your child away from my dog after I've warned you off!

And Daisy, she'll jump at faces. She only wants to lick, but she's not very careful with her teeth, so she's another one I keep away from small children. But all the parents see (much of the time) is the big horrid mean woman who won't let their precious molest the small dog.

Dog etiquette needs to be practiced by everyone.
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