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I don't generally like other people's dogs. I like MY dog. My dog is very easily distracted. There are trails by my house that many people walk their dogs on, about half of them off-leash. My dog is only off leash if I am absolutely certain there are no other dogs around, which is pretty rare. One day, I was walking her (on leash), and a man came driving down the trail with his dog running along side, off leash. His dog saw mine and came tearing toward us. I stopped, made my dog sit, grabbed the slack of my 5 ft. leash to keep her still, and put myself between the strange dog and my dog, yelling "NO!" the man stopped his car and yelled, "It's okay, he's okay! He's friendly! It's okay". I yelled back at him that it was not okay with ME nor my dog, and "okay" wasn't his call to make. He flipped me off and called me a bitch.
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