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Ollie, if Tickles is making those noises that sound like she is threatening to release the hounds of hell on something outside, do not approach her! You know that once she is amped up like that, she will believe anything of a similar size is the thing she has freaked out over, somehow broken into the house. This has resulted in your getting attacked before, and whole nights of moaning and screeching every time you approached her, when the thing outside was a racoon. It's not great that this is how she acts, but it is imminently predictable. Those noises definitely do not mean "oh, hey, I really wish Ollie could see this cat out here."

Hopefully the antibiotic injection today will help, and your ear won't scar permanently into its current bent position. But, I bet you'll go right up to her again next time, won't you?

At least you don't have to tell us again, to pick you up next time we hear her.