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Aside from the obvious tip-off that RichardM mentions, there are a couple of other clues that this is not based on any real legislation.
Any vehicle purchased from an auto co. other
than General Motors or Ford, will require the purchaser to pay a fed tax of 15% of the retail LIST PRICE of the car purchased. If the purchase or lease is made by corporate employer, the responsibility of repayment of the new federal tax will be the responsibility of the individual who makes use of the vehicle.
This is obvious, unenforcable nonsense. Company owned vehicles are rarely driven by just one employee. And if one was, there is no way that that employee could be required to a tax for use of the vehicle.
The one relating to
durable goods will mandate that every legal resident in the U.S. must purchase new items every five to seven years, depending on the item.
Again, utter nonsense and completely unenforcable. Can you imagine the administration it would require to keep track of purchases and force people to buy things?
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