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Roll eyes New cars must be bought from Ford or GM

Comment: Today I just learned from someone I spoke with in Washington DC that
Congress is about to vote on and is expected to pass a bill which the Pres.
has already stated he will sign requiring anyone who purchases or leases a
new car or light weight truck after June 30, 2010 must do so from either
General Motors or Ford in order to support the investment the Fed Gov't made
in the auto industry bail out. Any vehicle purchased from an auto co. other
than General Motors or Ford, will require the purchaser to pay a fed tax of
15% of the retail LIST PRICE of the car purchased. If the purchase or lease
is made by corporate employer, the responsibility of repayment of the new
federal tax will be the responsibility of the individual who makes use of
the vehicle. The bill also mandates that each state DMV is required to send
a copy of all new vehicles registrations licensed in that state to the IRS
for compliance and enforcement purposes.

In the same conversation, I was also told there is a good deal of talk in
the Congress to create other bills establishing the same strategy that will
applicable toward durable goods (e.g. washing machines, refrigerators,
furniture, carpeting, etc.); clothes; all electronics; certain food items;
durable medical equipment and medical "tourism". The one relating to
durable goods will mandate that every legal resident in the U.S. must
purchase new items every five to seven years, depending on the item.
Records of all such transactions must be reported by the seller, to the IRS for
compliance and enforcement purposes.

When I asked what was driving all of this, I was told all of this is
considered constitutionally valid under the interstate commerce clause of
the U.S. Constitution and that there are numerous members of Congress who
believe these measures will also significantly enhance their ability to
raise significant political contributions from corporations based upon the
recent U.S. Supreme Court decision proclaiming that corporation have the
same constitutional rights of individual persons.

Anyhow, I just thought you might be interested to learn of this.
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